Funded research projects

TU-internal funding of innovative interdisciplinary research projects

With funds awarded by the FiF commission in regular rounds of calls for proposals, innovative interdisciplinary research projects in statu nascendi are supported within the TU.

Film about FiF funding

FiF film about project funding “from the idea to the project application” If you always wanted to know how an research idea can turn into a funded project, then you'll find all the necessary information in our project funding film .

LokoAssist - Graduate College at TU Darmstadt

Research issues, research results and project staff from both FiF projects „Basic technologies for user-friendly, energy-efficient active leg prostheses 2011“ and „Balance – better balance and reduced risk of falling though non-contact coupling ultrasonic vibrations 2018“ are part of the Graduate College „LokoAssist“ and will be continued there.

A survey of the funded research projects

Sorted by the grant year