CompLEx – Competitive-Collaborative-Exoskeleton

Quelle: Projektgruppe

Period: 1/2017 – 12/2017


Project team:

Prof. Dr. Joachim Vogt | Prof. Dr. Karl. T. Kalveram | M. A. Dimitri Penner
FB 3, Humanwissenschaften, Psychologie

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Helmut Schlaak | Dipl.-Ing.Markus Hessinger
FB 18, Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik


Project description:

The aim of the project was to bring together the engineering-technical modeling and control of an exoskeleton with the human-psychological approach of motion planning and movement execution in pairs (see Annex 1: Project outline of 24 April 2016). A first experimental study in the winter semester 2016/17 checked on 24 subjects (Pb) how people handle a hand drill when they work alone, together with the exoskeleton or in pairs (Appendix 2). Two other experiments during this period included questions about how far people are willing to cooperate with a machine (30 Pb, Appendix 3) or trust their instructions (40 Pb, Appendix 4). These questions are relevant when using exoskeletons as surgical robots. Results of these investigations were presented at workshops or congresses in Bielefeld (Annex 5), Fulda (Annex 6), Darmstadt (Annex 7) and Krefeld (Annex 8). The most important three are marked in bold.