Funding Initiative Interdisciplinary Research at TU Darmstadt

The funding initiative Interdisciplinary Research at TU Darmstadt was delegated by the Senate to the Selection- and Grant Commission Interdisciplinary Research (short: "FiF Commission"). The members of the FiF Commission are appointed by the Senate.

In terms of organisation, research funding is subject to the Presidium. The FiF Commission is exclusively responsible for tendering, consulting, evaluation and approval of the tendering procedure. The director of FiF is the chairman of the commission, as well. The tendering of internal funding for interdisciplinary projects takes place every 1-1.5 years as part of the “Funding Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research”.

You can find more information about the organisation and working methods of FiF on the pages “About FiF” or watch our video film “Introducing FiF” .

Call for proposals 2024 - More space for your research ideas

Within the framework of the funding initiative for interdisciplinary research, TU Darmstadt offers project funding (state funding) for interdisciplinary research projects on a regular basis. In order to stimulate new research, preference is given to projects that generate new, forward-looking research collaborations and projects with the potential to acquire third-party funding.

It is also possible to submit projects on IANUS topics . They should contribute in an interdisciplinary way to the reduction of social or global conflicts and to the promotion or assurance of peaceful coexistence, respectively.

Little effort – high chances of success!
Submit a short outline of your project. A funding rate of 47% in the last four funding rounds offers you good prospects of success.

The deadline for the submission of project outlines is 1 April 2024.

Funded FiF projects at a glance

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