Solar Decathlon

Duration: 12.2008-5.2010


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Hegger | dept. 15, Design and energy-efficient construction

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Hartkopf | dept. 18, Institute for Electrical Energy Systems


Project description:

The disciplines participating in the interdisciplinary research project intended to develop a concept for project-accompanying F&E activities in connection with the Solar Decathlon House 2009 in order to improve and provide a broader scientific embedding of the results achieved in 2007, and to convert this concept into reality through the cooperation of the disciplines presented. The basic conditions of the competition, which demanded a fast production of results, required a direct transfer of results from research to development, implementation and teaching. The focus always remained on object-related, integrative processing.

Such an integral way of working in the scientific as well as in the implementation context offers extensive development opportunities, since it does not exist to our knowledge in this form at a German university. Project-related topics can be addressed and, if concepts are feasible and competitive, they can turn into new areas of focus of their own. This increases the focus on the project on the one hand, and on the other hand it creates competition for sustainable strategies within TU Darnstadt to guarantee the future in the field of building and urban structures and can thus release important new insights.

The project continued the outstanding results of the Solar Decathlon 2007 and, in addition to the development of a concept for F&E activities accompanying the project, also involved the realisation of a new Decathlon House – starting from three different perspectives: sociology, architecture and electrical engineering.

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