Explore simulation research!

Period: 12.2015 – 10.2016


Prof. Dr. Petra Gehring | Prof. Dr. Christoph Hubig
FB 02, Philosophy

Prof. Dr. Felix Wolf | FB 20, Parallel Programming

Prof. Dr. Christian Bischof | FB 20, Scientific Computing
Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger, Dr. Andreas Kaminski


Project description:

The goal of the project is on the one hand to free the social science and humanities accompanying research from its currently prevailing asymmetrical constellation and to offer an empirically saturated basis for a dialog with informatics simulation research that is meaningful for both sides. This is to be achieved by a “Darmstadt TOOLKIT” (working title), which will be developed jointly and also in cooperation with the HLRS Stuttgart. On the other hand, the project intends to open up paths to high-quality accompanying research for simulation research and the HPC community on the basis of the project results in the sense of a common language and a jointly developed problem awareness.

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