Human-induced vibrations on building structures: biomechanical characterisation and structural mechanical modelling


Duration: 12.2015 – 8.2016


Prof. Dr. phil. André Seyfarth | Dr. Gupoing Zhao
Dept. 3, Department of Sports Biomechanics, Running Laboratory Locomotion Laboratory

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jens Schneider | Dept. 13, Department of Structural Engineering, Institute of Structural Mechanics and Design (ISM+D)


Project description:

In daily activities (e.g. walking, jogging) we often encounter such circumstances that we traverse an area with different ground properties. In such cases the human body activates an adaptation mechanism in order to accommodate to the sudden change of the surface stiffness, so that it can maintain similar locomotion mechanics. As this mechanism has not been fully understood yet, there is a need for comprehensive investigations of its underlying biomechanical principles. This motivated the biomechanical approach of the project, which dealt mainly with the development of concepts for the adaptation strategies of the human gait on compliant ground, based on experimental findings from human locomotion.

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