IANUS funding line

IANUS funding line interdisciplinary research at TU Darmstadt

First research of the IANUS funding line in the funding initiative of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Research

Call for applications

Call for applications 2022

In total, there are two funding lines: for FiF-Projectsand for IANUS projects. The latter differ from the former only in their focus on topics of scientific-technical peace and conflict research. This year, for the first time, the IANUS funding line will be extended by the so-called IANUS incubation projects.

The deadline for submitting project outlines is April 1, 2022. In case you are invited to the hearing in writing, this will takes place on June 8, 2022 between 9:00 am and 3:00 p.m., probably in presence.

Project funding – call for applications 2022 (opens in new tab)

Exemplary topics for IANUS projects and incubation projects are:

  • Dual use aspects/goods (e.g. from sensitive electronics, computer science, physics and chemistry)
  • Addressing causes of conflict (e.g. cyber war)
  • Aspects of nuclear, biological and chemical disarmament/armament industry
  • Civil-military ambivalences of science and technology
  • Sustainable security research (e.g. critical infrastructures, responsible energy supply, cyber security)
  • Accountability of technologies (among others autonomous systems)
  • Digital sovereignty
  • Trust issues in relation to (new) technologies
  • • Research on climatic changes and the conflict potential arising from them

For further questions regarding the call for applications, please contact FiF office (fif@fif.tudarmstadt.de) or the members of the FiF Commission. For any questions regarding IANUS funding, please contact Alfred Nordmann, Markus Lederer or Christian Reuter.

Funding line IANUS projects

IANUS projects can be applied for in the same way as FiF projects. In principle, the same funding criteria for FiF projects also apply to IANUS projects. A precondition, however, is a reference to scientific-technical peace and conflict research.

Duration of the funding
Projects can be funded for a limited period of up to 12 months. A cost-neutral extension is possible by submitting a written statement of reasons prior to the expiry of the granted funding period.

Funding for research projects
According to the DFG guidelines (“Hinweise zur Bezahlung von Promovierenden” (DFG form 55.02-05/20)), funding of up to 100,000 euros can be claimed. The funding is based on the possibility of financing two PhD students with a 65% position for one year or one PostDoc working in both (or more participating) research groups with a 100% position for one year. In any case, it is essential to illustrate the interdisciplinary communication between the disciplines during the work process. The cost centre (project number) is automatically closed at the end of the funding period and remaining funds are collected.

Funding criteria for IANUS research projects

  • Scientific quality, originality and innovative approach
  • Participation of different disciplines appropriate to the research subject and proper consideration of the relevant professional discourse
  • Importance for the priority setting at TU Darmstadt, in particular also visibility within and outside the university
  • Necessity of funding and adequacy of need as well as prospects for subsequent funding through third-party funds
  • Presentation of the content-related qualification goals
  • Feedback and connection to teaching
  • Contribution to the reduction of social or global conflicts, to the promotion or securing of peaceful coexistence

Funding for IANUS incubation projects

IANUS incubation projects are intended to build up a consortium and provide an opportunity to discuss topics of scientific and technical peace and conflict research. They can be requested for a period of 6 months. Sample topics for both IANUS formats, additional funding criteria for incubation projects and contacts for your project idea can also be found on the websites.

Funding for IANUS incubation projects
The funds available (up to 30.000 euros) are state funds and must be used strictly according to the rules for their expenditure. If there are any remaining funds after 6 months, they will be collected. The cost centre (project number) is automatically closed at the end of the granted period.

Duration of the funding
Projects can be funded for a limited period of up to 6 months. A cost-neutral extension is not possible for incubation projects.

The final report will ideally form the basis of an application for a project in the IANUS funding line, which will be submitted to the FiF Commission for evaluation in the next call for applications.

Funding criteria for incubation projects

  • Identification of an interdisciplinary topic that is linked with peace policy research (e.g. technology assessment).
  • Participation of different disciplines (from at least two working groups) appropriate to the research topic.
  • Brief analysis of needs and description of possible results (for example interdisciplinary publication, literature review, research activities, establishment of a database, etc.).
  • Short description how the collaborative work is organised and who bears which responsibility.

Funded IANUS projects

IT Research of Concern. Evaluation of dual-use risks in software development (2019 – 2021)

Proliferation resistant design of fusion reactors Contribution to the development of an effective and fair nuclear order for the 21st century. (2008 – 2011).

Competition and conflict about natural resources Strategies for securing peace. (2008 – 2009)