IANUS topics in the FiF funding line

FiF funding line of interdisciplinary research at TU Darmstadt

IANUS project topics become an integral part of the funding initiative of the Forum Interdisciplinary Research (FiF).

Call for applications 2024

Within the FiF funding line, projects on IANUS topics can be submitted. They should contribute in an interdisciplinary way to the reduction of social or global conflicts, to the promotion or assurance of peaceful coexistence.

Call for Proposals 2024 (opens in new tab)

Exemplary topics for IANUS projects draft

  • Dual use aspects/goods (e.g. from sensitive electronics, computer science, physics and chemistry)
  • Addressing causes of conflict (e.g. cyber war)
  • Aspects of nuclear, biological and chemical disarmament/armament industry
  • Civil-military ambivalences of science and technology
  • Sustainable security research (e.g. critical infrastructures, responsible energy supply, cyber security)
  • Accountability of technologies (among others autonomous systems)
  • Digital sovereignty
  • Trust issues in relation to (new) technologies
  • Research on climatic changes and the conflict potential arising from them

Answers to questions about the duration of funding, the funds and funding criteria, etc. can be found in the notes on the funding announcement.

For further questions regarding the call for applications, please contact FiF office () or the members of the FiF Commission. For any questions regarding IANUS topics, please contact Markus Lederer or Christian Reuter.

Funded IANUS projects

The Network has History Network and Vulnerability Analysis of Critical Infrastructures using the Example of ICT and Transport in Rhine/Main. (2023 – 2024)

IT Research of Concern. Evaluation of dual-use risks in software development (2019 – 2021)

Proliferation resistant design of fusion reactors Contribution to the development of an effective and fair nuclear order for the 21st century. (2008 – 2011).

Competition and conflict about natural resources Strategies for securing peace. (2008 – 2009)