Proliferation-resistant design of fusion reactors

Contribution to the development of an effective and fair nuclear order for the 21st century

Duration: 2008-2011


Prof. Dr. Klaus Dieter Wolf | dept. 2, Political Science,

Dr. Wolfgang Liebert, Prof. Dr. Franz Fujara | IANUS


Project description:

The project raised the question of a future energy supply without harmful dangers for international security and peace. By means of computer simulation calculations, the possibilities of incubating and branching off tritium and fissile materials such as plutonium were tested. Based on the example of fusion, thought-provoking impulses for an effective and fair nuclear order of the 21st century should be provided. For this purpose, the repertoire of political control approaches of governance research had to be examined and made available for handling the nuclear problem.

Peace researchers explain the risks of nuclear fusion