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Welcome to IANUS

IANUS is a synonym for natural and engineering peace research in exchange with the social sciences and humanities. IANUS understands itself as a multi- and trans-disciplinary network of scientists at TU Darmstadt.

IANUS film series 2022

Information from the IANUS Group concerning past, present and future activities in the IANUS context can be found in our Media Centre .

Since January 2018 and initially limited until September 2022, IANUS is part of the Forum for Interdisciplinary Research. The reorganisation is connected with a funding line for interdisciplinary research projects on scientific and technical peace and conflict research. IANUS activities are coordinated by the FiF office in accordance with the IANUS speakers and the FiF fellow responsible for IANUS issues.

The main focus of its further work is the funding of research projects. For this purpose, an additional funding line on interdisciplinary peace and conflict research was established in 2018 as part of TU Darmstadt's Interdisciplinary Research funding initiative. Funding is granted to natural science and engineering projects which, in the context of IANUS, are particularly concerned with questions of dual use, dealing with the causes of conflict or sustainable security research.

To develop the idea of a German-wide unique scientific and technical peace research, a IANUS network group was founded at TU Darmstadt.

IANUS main topics

These are the current main topics:

  • FiF has a separate funding line to promote IANUS projects.
  • IANUS related events as well as the IANUS Award are organised with support of FiF.
  • The study programme “MA International Studies/Peace and Conflict Studies” (ISFK) as well as the interdisciplinary study focus Science and Technology Studies (iSP W&T) are supported by members of the IANUS network group especially with regard to scientific and technical aspects.
  • With regard to content, IANUS is particularly profiled by the Chair of “Science and Technology for Peace and Security” (PEASEC) of Christian Reuter (dept. 20).
  • IANUS incentives for and through the civil society are provided by the IANUS Association for Peace-Oriented Technology Design e.V. (e.g. in form of the project “IANUS-peacelab”).
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IANUS themes

It is also possible to submit projects on IANUS topics. They should contribute in an interdisciplinary way to the reduction of social or global conflicts, to the promotion or assurance of peaceful coexistence.

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The IANUS award honours outstanding academic works from all faculties of TU Darmstadt.

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Partners and institutes

Research affiliates can provide their expertise through IANUS and develop international working relationships. The following research affiliates come together on the IANUS platform to collaborate with colleagues from TU Darmstadt: …

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IANUS networking group

Members, professors, staff and students of TU Darmstadt have formed the informal IANUS initiative group to support the continuation of IANUS.

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Publications and texts

On the following page you can find a variety of publications on IANUS topics and about IANUS itself.

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IANUS was initiated by students and research assistants at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt (THD), now TU Darmstadt.

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IANUS projects

On the following page you can find a list of selected IANUS projects and IANUS workshops.

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