IANUS films

IANUS at TU Darmstadt

IANUS is a synonym for natural and engineering peace research in exchange with the social sciences and humanities. IANUS understands itself as a multi- and trans-disciplinary network of scientists at TU Darmstadt.


IANUS has been a part of FiF since 2018. In the video there are answers to the questions “What was IANUS before?”, “What is there now?” and “Who represents IANUS where?”.

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What is IANUS?

Professor Dr. Alfred Nordmann is IANUS speaker.

The interview focuses on the historical context and his current research activities on this topic.

IANUS context at PEASEC

Prof. Dr. Christian Reuteris IANUS speaker.

The video deals with questions in which context his research focus represents IANUS issues.

What connects IANUS and FiF?

Prof. Dr Markus Lederer is FiF fellow for IANUS and in this interview he answers questions about the activities of IANUS in teaching and research, who represents it where and what the IANUS Award is all about.