Call for applications 2020

Scientific theses (especially student research projects, bachelor theses, master theses, publications or dissertations) that have been completed since August 2018 can be submitted.

Nominations, including self-nominations, can be submitted to with the subject “IANUS Award”. A PDF version of the paper proposed and optionally additional attachments (curriculum vitae, expert opinions) should be attached.

The IANUS Prize (1.000€) is awarded for outstanding scientific theses from all faculties of TU Darmstadt.

Relevant for the price are for example…

  • Theses which at the same time pose questions on prospective technology evaluation in addition to their research topics in the fields of natural sciences, technical sciences, engineering or informatics and discuss possible related developments: It could, for example, be discussed which risks of dual use can be expected and how they can be mitigated by technical and/or social measures?
  • Research on sustainable development (e.g. in the areas of water supply), which focuses on the possible reduction of conflict causes or recommends concrete problem solutions. In addition, new sources of potential conflicts could be identified (e.g. critical raw materials) in order to identify both dangers and alternatives for research, development and politics. In this context, scientific and technical research could extend the objectively given margins for responsible action.
  • Research that generates value-oriented security research to develop a security culture, for example in sectors such as critical infrastructures, Industry 4.0, energy revolution, nuclear, biological and chemical security, as well as Cyberpeace. Questions of Responsible Research and Innovation could also be discussed here.
  • Research approaches that focus on the ambivalence of scientific and technological progress. Science and technology generate or intensify conflicts, but often also provide the tools to solve them.

Members of the jury (for the IANUS network group) are Prof. Dr. Markus Lederer (International Politics), Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordmann (Philosophy of Technoscience) and Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter (Science and Technology for Peace and Security).

Award winners:

Christopher Fichtlscherer (Bachelor thesis in Physics: “Dose Rate Calculations for the PRISM Reactor”)

Stefka Schmid (Scientific internschip: “Meaningful Human Control of LAWS: The CCW-Debate and its Implications for Value-Sensitive Design”)

Verena Zimmermann (Research paper: “Moving from a ”Human-as-Problem“ to a ”Human-as-Solution“ Cybersecurity Mindset”)

Former award winners

2006: Dr. Alexander Glaser (PhD thesis “NeutronicsCalculationsRelevant to the Conversion of Research Reactors to Low-Enriched Fuel”)

2008: Johanna Born (Bachelor thesis: “Proliferation potential of gas ultra-centrifuges”)

2008: Leander Hohmann (Bachelor thesis: “Neutron physical investigation of homogeneous TH02-PU02 fuels with regard to proliferation relevance and their potential to eliminate plutonium”)

2008: Moritz Kütt (Bachelor thesis: “Proliferation issues in the handling of plutonium combustibles: Burn-up calculations on the role of 238Pu”)

2010: Hannes Kurtze (Master thesis: “Conflict zone technology – Technology in the social theories of Luhmann and Habermas”)