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Network and Vulnerability Analysis of Critical Infrastructures using the Example of Information and Communication Technology in the Rhine/Main Region

Period: 1.1.2023 – 30.06.2024


Prof. Dr. Christian Reuter | FB 20, Fachgebiet Wissenschaft und Technik für Frieden und Sicherheit (PEASEC)

Prof. Dr. Jens Ivo Engels | FB 2, Fachgebiet Neuere und Neueste Geschichte


Project description:

Our project analyzes the vulnerabilities of the critical infrastructure sectors transport and communications in the Rhine-Main Region. Both complex network structures emerged from more or less heterogeneous “time layers,” which we explore from a spatio-temporal and technical perspective. Our goal is to draw lessons for a more resilient design from the historical development and the current technology proliferation. Based on literature research and conception (AP1), we aim to conduct a qualitative interview study to generate hypotheses about the implicit knowledge of temporal heterogeneity, ensuing vulnerabilities, and interdependent evolution of both sectors (AP 2). Subsequently, quantitative network analyses provide insights into the similarities and differences of prolifera- tion and following vulnerabilities of emergent technologies (AP 3). For this purpose, we suggest an archival study in which we dissect the time layering processes of the infrastructures and test hypotheses historically (AP 4). Empirical steps of the project are embedded in an initial interdisciplinary conception (AP 1) and a concluding joint project evaluation (AP 5).