FiF commission

TU Darmstadt considers interdisciplinarity as part of its university culture and as an instrument of research strategy. In line with its overall concept, it promotes interdisciplinary cooperation in research and teaching under the aspects of responsibility, safety and sustainability.

The tasks of the FiF commission

In organisational terms, research funding is subject to the Presidential Board. Responsibility for the selection and decision-making procedures has been transferred to the FiF commission. The FiF office has no voting rights within this framework.

The FiF commission is responsible for the tendering, consultation, review, approval and evaluation of the projects and is appointed directly by the Senate and is composed on an interdisciplinary basis. The FiF director is the chairman of the commission.

Members of the FiF Commission


Prof. Dr. Andrea Rapp, dep. 2 German Studies

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Eckhard Kirchner, dep. 16 Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Dr. Christina Marie Thiele, dep. 7 Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Nicolai Hannig, dep. 2 Social and Historical Science

Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther, dep. 5 Physics, Commission Chair, FiF Director

Prof. Dr. Josef Wiemeyer, dep. 3 Sports Science

Nominated representatives:
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Nuber, dep. 10 Biology
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Tran Quoc Khanh, dep. 18 Lighting Technology


Mohammed Bouras, dep. 2

Nominated representatives:
Lisa Morath, dep. 3 Human sciences

Scientific Research Assistants

Dr Boris Kastening, dep. 11 Materials and geological sciences
Dr. Thomas Trebing, dep. 5 Physics

Nominated representatives:
Dr Arnulf Kletzin, dep. 10 Biology

Adminstrative-technical employees

Barbara Zimmer, dep. 3 Human sciences

Nominated representatives:
Dr. Annette Glathe, HDA
Miriam Hauf, ULB

Assessors without voting rights

Department of Research and Transfer
FiF office

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