Critical infrastructures

Duration: 1.2016 – 11.2016


Prof. Dr. Ralf Elbert | Dr. Katrin Coleman (geb. Scharf)
Dept. 01, Department of Corporate Management and Logistics (FG LOG)

Prof. Dr. Jochen Monstadt | Dr.-Ing. Martin Schmidt
Dept. 13, Department of Spatial and Infrastructure Planning (FG RuI)


Project description:

Critical infrastructures (KRITIS), like energy and water supply or information and communication systems, have developed to a sensitive nervous system of modern cities. Therefore, the protection of KRITIS requires an urban-wide and cross-sectorial cooperation. The research project addresses the requirements of the inter-organizational information exchange between the different KRITIS-operators and the civil protection.
The object is to derive opportunities for improvement for the individual behavior of the actors, for communication issues and for activities concerning the inter-organizational collaboration of the urban risk and crisis management. As a result the opportunities for improvement are qualitatively elaborated in three dimensions (structural, technical, and temporal) and the temporal dimension is quantitatively analyzed with a simulation model. Additionally, further opportunities for the future collaboration are revealed and initiated. The findings of the project are captured in the publications Schmidt, M./Scharf, K. (2017), Monstadt, J./Schmidt, M. (2017) und Schmidt, M. (2017). In addition to that a research report (see Elbert, R./Monstadt, J./Schmidt, M/Scharf, K. (2016)) was jointly prepared and published.