Privacy Buddy


15.04.2023 – 30.06.2024

Dr. rer. nat. Nina Gerber | Dr. rer. nat. Verena Zimmermann

Arbeits- und Ingenieurpsychologie (FAI)

Dr. Ephraim Zimmer

Telecooperation Lab (TK)


Project description:

Protecting their digital privacy is important for many users, but studies suggest that users often lack the knowledge and motivation to handle their digital data sovereignly. With the Privacy Buddy, we aim to develop a digital privacy assistant in the form of a mobile app that conveys the necessary knowledge about digital contexts to enable users to make self-determined, informed decisions about how to handle their data. At the same time, it supports users by applying selected persuasive mechanisms to achieve self-imposed privacy goals and to maintain privacy-friendly behavior in the long term. The entire development process is interdisciplinary: Psychology (FAI) contributes expertise on the topics of motivation and knowledge transfer. Computer science (TK) contributes expertise on technical developments as well as on contexts related to the collection and processing of private data. The user perspective is incorporated throughout the iterative development process to build trust and acceptance in Privacy Buddy. With our research project we aim to address the two topics “Digital Sovereignty” and “Trust Issues in Relation to New Technologies” of the IANUS funding line.