Medium and low voltage cable networks

Measuring, evaluating and optimising the heating and ampacity of underground medium and low-voltage cable networks

Duration: 03.2014 – 02.2015


Prof. Dr. Ingo Sass | Dept. 11, Material and Geosciences

Prof. Dr.-Ing Volker Hinrichsen | Dept. 18, High-voltage technology


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Project description:

In the context of the German “energy transition”, the increased penetration of electrical distribution grids with renewable generation plants is significantly changing the load cycles to which cable systems are exposed. The aim of the interdisciplinary research project described here is to define the thermal current carrying capacity of medium and low voltage cable routes more precisely in order to reduce the need for grid expansion in the short to medium term.

Press article:

Energiewende: Sonnenenergie in die Erde und zurück, zum Beispiel (, 24.02.2014)