Air up

Resource-efficient 3D printing of functional and adaptive integrated lightweight structures for use in building construction


10.2023 – 09.2024

Prof. Dr.- Ing. Oliver Tessmann | FB 15, Fachgebiet Digital Design Unit

Dr.-Ing. Dieter Spiehl | FB 16, Institut für Druckmaschinen und Druckverfahren


Project description:

The construction industry is not yet fully exploiting the potential of manufacturing possibilities and automation from mechanical engineering. Concrete is not completely replaceable as a building material, but should be saved as much as possible. There is still room for improvement here, which we want to utilize by combining a novel 3D printing process for the production of self-supporting structures of variable cross-section with a 6-axis robot. To realize this, a process chain with boundary conditions and a design model are to be developed, which will allow the first components to be manufactured and their potential to be evaluated. The manifold possibilities of the process are to be demonstrated and evaluated on the basis of two different applications: First, lightweight precast concrete components with defined, load-appropriate displacement bodies, and second, noise-cancelling panels or acoustic elements with a tubular cavity. The combination of mechanical engineering and architecture should thus create a new method and basis for subsequent publication of first results and third-party funding acquisitions.