Human AI

Metacognition in human-AI interaction.


06.2023 – 05.2025

Prof. Dr. Monika Undorf | FB 3, Angewandte Kognitionspsychologie

Prof. Dr. Ekaterina Jussupow | FB 1, Wirtschaftsinformatik


Project description:

As artificial intelligence (AI) performs increasingly complex cognitive tasks, human decision-makers must closely collaborate with AI to monitor, interpret, evaluate, and refine its results (augmented decision-making).

However, augmented decision-making places high metacognitive demands on human decision-makers who must accurately monitor not only their own cognitive processes but also the AI’s results. Psychological findings on metacognition in problem-solving suggest that metacognition should play a central role in augmented decision- making, as do several isolated, mostly qualitative insights from information systems. At the same time, there is very little research on metacognition in augmented decision-making accounting for the complexity of interacting with AI.

In this project, we combine methodological and theoretical approaches from psychology and information systems to close this gap by focusing on two prominent domains, (1) medical decision-making and (2) interactions with generative AI. This research is the first step in a comprehensive joint interdisciplinary research program on metacognition in augmented decision-making.