Academic Quarter

On Wednesdays for three quarters of an hour

The lunchtime talks, taking place in loose intervals each semester, offer the opportunity to receive insights into the latest research areas from university colleagues in an informal atmosphere. Questions of research policy can also be addressed.

The Academic Quarter in the summer semester 2024

From 2024, the Academic Quarter takes place in the Wissenschaftsschloss:

S3|12 Room 251 at 1.15 pm Entrance via the ramp in the Parforcehof (courtyard at the Friedensplatz side), there on the 2nd floor on the left.

How to find us

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Meeting-ID: 652 1595 9304
Passcode: 156806

The events at a glance:

“Whistleblowing about doping in sport: social conditions and generative mechanisms”

On the subject:
The major doping scandals of recent years were mainly triggered by whistleblowers. Nevertheless, little is known about the background under which athletes and those close to them are prepared to disclose their secret knowledge about doping. The lecture will present central considerations and initial results of a current research project that focuses on the social conditions of whistleblowing about doping in sport, reconstructs generative mechanisms of the whistleblowing decision and derives consequences for the anti-doping fight.

April 24: Torsten Waldminghaus (Department of Biology)

“Synthetic biology – chromosomes from the DNA toolbox”

On the subject:
Synthetic biology is a new discipline in the field of life sciences in which the principles of the engineering sciences are applied to living systems. In our current research, we create synthetic chromosomes from artificial DNA. In this way, we intend to gain a better understanding of natural mechanisms in bacteria on the one hand and on the other to open up new ways for biotechnological applications.

May 22: Christian Graeff (Department of Electrical engineering and information technology)

“Cancer therapy with ion radiation”

On the subject:
The use of ion radiation has great advantages over conventional radiotherapy, as it makes it possible to irradiate tumours more precisely. The lecture will provide an overview of the therapy technology: from the accelerator, as used clinically in Heidelberg, for example, to the radiation planning software. Current research highlights will also be discussed.

June 12: Jia Liu (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)

“Sustainability in the construction of transport routes – opportunities and risks”

On the subject:
What does the Insitute of Transportation Infrastructure Engineering at TU Darmstadt do? What contributions does the institute make to a sustainable future? The presentation will show the risks and opportunities of designing sustainable transportation using the example of the construction of local transportation routes.

6. November

  • Clemens Hübler / Institute Structural Mechanics and Design

20. November

  • Markus Biesalski / Macromolecular and Paper Chemistry

11. Dezember

  • IANUS Award 2024

22. Januar

  • Annette Andrieu-Brunsen / Smart Membranes

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The Academic Quarter celebrated its 10th birthday in 2022!

This event format was started in 2012 as an IANUS contribution by Alfred Nordmann; FiF has taken over the lead in 2019. For the celebration, Alfred Nordmann himself presented as a speaker.