Academic Quarter

On Wednesdays for three quarters of an hour

The lunchtime talks, taking place in loose intervals each semester, offer the opportunity to receive insights into the latest research areas from university colleagues in an informal atmosphere. Questions of research policy can also be addressed.

The „Academic Quarter“ in the winter semester 2023/24

From 2024, the Academic Quarter will take place in the Wissenschaftsschloss. NEW ROOM: S3|12 Room 251 Entrance via the ramp in the Parforcehof (courtyard at the Friedensplatz side), there on the 2nd floor on the left.

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The events at a glance:

15.11.2023: Andreas Kaminski | Philosophy

Strategies in dealing with disinformation

There is a fundamental dependence in what we consider as our knowledge on what others tell us about “the world”. This fundamental dependence makes us vulnerable to both deception and disinformation. We have to ask ourselves what strategies can be used to react to this dependency. Is it possible to eliminate disinformation primarily through education (better information) or even by technology? Or is a primarily normative response needed? Are there any alternatives?

06.12.2023: Sophie Loidolt and Philipp Schmidt (Philosophy)
On the topic: Can machines be partners?

Over the past ten years, there have been unprecedented developments in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) that are taking human-machine interaction (HMI) to the next level. Some authors even go so far by subsuming collaboration with intelligent machines under the term “partnership”, similar to the cooperation between human actors sharing a common goal.

In our presentation, we argue that different types of partnership need to be separated according to the form of interaction between agents and, based on this, propose a preliminary taxonomy of different types of MMI that differentiates between coordination, collaboration, co-operation and social partnership.

17.01.2024: Online via Zoom | Christian Stecker (Political Sciences)
On the topic: Social distortion of participation, urban-rural conflicts and coalition corsets. Insights from the Hessian state elections

31.01.2024: Schloss S3|12 Room 251 | Ekaterina Jussupow (Business Informatics)
On the topic: Metacognition in human-AI interaction.

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April 24:              

Torsten Waldminghaus (Synthetic Biology)

May 22:               

Christian Graeff (Radiotherapy Technology)

June 12:               

Jia Liu (Traffic route construction)

July 10:                 

Felix Kühnle (Sociology of sport)

Further information to follow.

Academic Quarter How to find us

The Academic Quarter celebrated its 10th birthday in 2022!

This event format was started in 2012 as an IANUS contribution by Alfred Nordmann; FiF has taken over the lead in 2019. For the celebration, Alfred Nordmann himself presented as a speaker.

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