Meyer-Grohbrügge, Johanna

Architecture: Learning spaces of the future, lecture on 15.6.2022

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The challenge:

How to create learning spaces of the future?

From the discussion:

Digitization also means a challenge for architecture. As far as student learning spaces are concerned, there are new needs in terms of spatial design for cooperative and creative learning. A competition launched at the TU Darmstadt for the redesign of a machine hall on the Stadtmitte campus is intended to specifically incorporate student perspectives and ideas. Architecture students are called upon to participate in the design of a “learning space of the future”. There are inspiring examples of this in Switzerland, for example in Lausanne or St. Gallen, where Japanese teams of architects have created architectures with open structures that interweave inside and outside. In this respect, the theme is “in the air”, so to speak. In Darmstadt, the specific challenge is to bring different needs to bear in a relatively limited space. It remains to be considered and decided how the space is to be used in concrete terms. After all, concentrated learning ultimately requires above all quiet – even under digital auspices.


Spaces, including “learning spaces of the future,” are free spaces in that they invite people to open up spaces for thinking. In architectural practice, this also requires appropriate consideration of acoustic issues, but above all also considerations with regard to the use (or various possible uses) of the space to be designed. Didactically, students are also to be supported and advised in the task of design creation.