Bio-compatible paper materials

Functional, fully bio-compatible paper materials for aesthetic solutions in architecture

Duration: 5.2012 – 12.2015


Prof. Ariel Auslender | Dept. 15, Architecture
Prof. Dr. Markus Biesalski | Dept. 07, Chemistry
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Samuel Schabel | Dept. 16, Maschinenbau


Project description:

Architecture, paper technology and chemistry are attempting to develop a foldable emergency shelter by producing paper-based materials that can also be largely recycled through biodegradation after a two-year period of use. The aim is to discuss when and why products made of paper materials achieve high-quality and useful functionality.

Poster (opens in new tab) (Stand 01.2016) Instant Homes: Notunterkünfte aus Papier (opens in new tab)

You can find more information and videos here:

Ein Haus aus Pappe

Press articles:

Richtig entfalten (01.02.2015,

Germany Finds Fast Way to House a Flood of Refugees (16.04.2017,

Medienschau: ARTE berichtet über „Bauen mit Papier“(verfügbar vom 02/03/2021 bis 30/05/2021)

BAMP at the Venice Architecture Biennale

TU Darmstadt is represented at this year's Architecture Biennale in Venice. There, the department of Sculptural Design from the faculty of Architecture is presenting the project „Building with paper“ (BAMP).

LOEWE application

The federal state of Hesse is funding a new LOEWE research project at TU Darmstadt.

BAMP! Building with paper

A FiF research project with sustainable consequences.

Ariel Auslender, Ulrich Knaack and Samuel Schabel in conversation with Andreas Großmann: the new FiF Podcast.

More about BAMP! Building with paper

Is it possible to build houses out of paper? And how? And how in the most sustainable way possible? A FiF research project under the leadership of Professors Ariel Auslender (Architecture), Markus Biesalski (Chemistry) and Samuel Schabel (Mechanical Engineering) had carried out research on this topic under the funding initiative interdisciplinary research entitled “Biocompatible paper materials – Functional, fully biocompatible paper materials for aesthetic solutions in architecture” from 2012-2015, laying the foundations for new interdisciplinary collaborations at the TU Darmstadt and beyond.

Over the following years, the FiF project became a large-scale research project within the LOEWE initiative of the state of Hesse „BAMP! Building with paper“.

Ariel Auslender, Ulrich Knaack and Samuel Schabel give insights behind the scenes in a conversation with the FiF Podcast and examine the difficulties on their way to success. And they give an outlook on the dynamics that will carry this topic into the future.

Further information on the project call

Film about project funding