Solid signal processing

Solid signal processing and determination of the coherence of psycho-physiological reactions.

Duration: 5.2012 – 4.2014


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Abdelhak Zoubir | dept. 18, Electrical engineering and information technology

Prof. Dr. Augustin Kelava | FB 03, Human Science


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Project description:

Emotion eliciting situations are accompanied by reactions on multiple response variables on subjective, physiological, and behavioral levels. The quantification of the overall simultaneous synchrony of psycho-physiological reactions plays a major role in emotion theories and has received increasing attention in recent research. The research project concentrated on the so?called physiological synchrony/coherence of the emotional reactions during an emotion?eliciting episode. From a psychometric perspective, the reactions represent multivariate non?stationary intra-individual time series. Past approaches did not consider the non-stationarity of the data or only considered average inter-individual levels. Furthermore, empirical results are inconsistent; some studies propose an increase of synchrony during an emotion while others assume a decrease (depending on the physiological signals). To eliminate the disadvantages of the existing approaches, a new time frequency based latent variable approach for the quantification of the synchrony of the responses was developed. The approach was applied to empirical data collected during an emotion-eliciting situations and results showed that the new measure is capable of quantifying the coherence of reactions


Artikel: A new approach for the quantification of synchrony of multivariate non-stationary psychophysiological variables during emotion eliciting stimuli (Front. Psychol., 20.01.2015)