Serious Games for Sports and Health

Technology-supported measurement and evaluation of the efficiency and acceptance of serious games for sport and health.

Duration: 7.2012 – 1.2013


Prof. Dr. Josef Wiemeyer | Prof. Wolfgang Ellermeier
dept. 03, Human Sciences

Dr. Stefan Göbel | dept. 18, Electrical engineering and Information technology

Koop.: PD Dr med. B. Lettgen Dr. S. Becker (Children's Hospital DA)

Project description:

The project goals were established on the basis of relevant preliminary work of the working group. Relevant are especially the development of a technical platform (ErgoActive) for the implementation of training games (Göbel et al., 2010) and suitable questionnaires for the assessment of “user experience” (Göbel, Gutjahr & Hardy, 2013). In addition, there has already been theoretical preliminary work on motor learning in computer games (Wiemeyer & Hardy, 2013).

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