Effekte mathematischer Lern- und Diagnoseumgebungen

with playful elements

Duration: 5.2011 – 9.2012


Prof. Dr. Regina Bruder | dept. 4, WG Didactics

Prof. Dr.-ing. Ralf Steinmetz | dept. 18, Multimedia Communication

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Schmitz | dept. 3, Psychology

Stefan Göbel | Johannes Konert | Kristina Richter | FB 16 KOM


Project description:

How far can competence models and open question and answer formats be reflected in computer-based learning environments, and which methods and concepts are suitable to evaluate the effects of digital learning environments? The goal of the project was the development and evaluation of a didactically and learning-theoretically based application scenario for a game-based learning and diagnostic environment in mathematics.

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