Topic: Man & Machine

Interaction between Man and Machine

The man machine relationship is facing new challenges due to technical developments in various areas. The problems of learning for humans and robots not only raise the question what both sides can learn from and influence each other, respectively how computer-aided techniques – for example in the field of prosthetics – can be used to compensate for deficits in human efficiency.

The creation of so-called “collaborative robots” and the intended use of automated driving systems in automobiles is also connected with essential legal problems and challenges (such as liability and law of obligations). Furthermore, philosophical and ethical questions are raised – about the consequences for human self-understanding and human self-recognition, about the distribution of autonomy and control, about responsibility and thus generally about ethical values for the relationship between man and technology. This topic concerns informatics, biomechanics, chemistry, biology, engineering, philosophy, law and the human sciences in the same way and will be presented by FiF in various event formats.

Events on the topic Man & Machine