FiF Lecture with Konrad Paul Liessmann

Power of information intermediaries – powerlessness of law?

Topic: Education as a provocation. About dealing with thinking.

When: 16.11.2021, 5 pm

Where: Lichtenberg-Haus, Dieburger Straße 241

The FiF Lecture 2021 will be held by Konrad Paul Liessmann, professor of philosophy at the University of Vienna and, among other activities, scientific director of the Philosophicum Lech, which is known far beyond the borders of Austria.

Konrad Paul Liessmann is known for a series of outstanding publications that always reach beyond the boundaries of his own subject – recently, together with the author Michael Köhlmeier, he published “mythological-philosophical temptations” (2016) and “mythological-philosophical condemnations” (2019). In his latest book, he follows Nietzsche on the trail of “midnight temptations” (2021).

His FiF Lecture will pick up thoughts from his book Education as a provocation (2017) asking how to deal with thinking. There will be an opportunity to reflect on issues brought up in the Corona pandemic in this context.

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Poster for the lecture 2021 with Konrad Paul Liessmann