Tagung 2012 | FiF | Energy Options in Technical and Cultural Contexts

A transatlantic interdisciplinary collaboration between Virginia Tech (VT) and Technische Universität Darmstadt (TUDa)

Workshop from 14 – 16 May 2012 at Kloster Eberbach

The immediate purpose is to raise awareness not only of the obvious interdisciplinary dimensions of energy research but also of three less obvious aspects:

  • at each of our institutions there is a critical mass of topically related research both on the side of natural science and engineering and on the side of social studies and humanities, positioning each of our universities for interdisciplinary research initiatives
  • the cultural and policy contexts in Germany and the US are so different that the comparison casts the situation in each country into sharp relief – this may help to focus interdisciplinary research questions at each of our universities
  • the existing networks of interaction between scholars at VT and TUD are strong enough to coalesce around this theme and warrant a concerted effort to pursue this interdisciplinary comparative research in the form of a fundable transatlantic collaboration

The medium-term purpose would be to create sufficient momentum for follow-through in the direction of NSF/DFG or foundation-funding. An ancillary motive for the workshop, and one that might in and of itself fully justify it, is to enter into information-exchange and a mutual learning experience regarding interdisciplinary research and teaching at both of our universities.


Hospitalstube im Kloster Eberbach

Stiftung Kloster Eberbach, Klosterverwaltung, D-65346 Eltville im Rheingau

Ergebnisse der Tagung

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