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On this page, you will find a selection of publications on interdisciplinary topics as well as materials about FiF.

For more information on the organisation and working methods of FiF, please see the page “About Fif” or watch the video: Introducing FiF. Documents and information on project funding can be found on the “funding” pages.


Interdisciplinary Research Forum 2017-2020

Andreas Grossmann / Heike Krebs

Documentation 2017-2020

Darmstadt 2020

The documentation can be obtained free of charge from FiF ().

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Kreativität denken

Edited by Andreas Großmann and Malte Dominik Krüger.

VITTORIO KLOSTERMANN 2023. 252 pages. | Order

59,- EUR (also available as e-book)

ISBN 978-3-465-00308-3

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Kreativität denken

Andreas Großmann (Hg.)

Mohr Siebeck Verlag 2020. VIII, 247 pages. 79,- EUR | order

ISBN 978-3-16-157532-7 | fadengeheftete Broschüre

ISBN 978-3-16-159152-5 | eBook PDF

Rudolf Bultmann / Hans Jonas

Andreas Großmann (Hg.)

Briefwechsel 1928–1976. Mit einem Anhang anderer Zeugnisse.

Mohr Siebeck Verlag 2020. XXV, 161 pages. 79,- EUR | order

ISBN 978-3-16-159284-3 | Leinen