Science for Lunch on June 24, 2022

Alexandre Obertelli introduces the conversation with Clemens Rohde

2022/05/06 12:45-13:00 by

In the summer semester, the digital dialogue format of FiF will be continued: Usually every two weeks, on Fridays at lunchtime, colleagues from the university exchange information about aspects of their research. This is an opportunity to quickly and informally find out who is currently working on what and also to meet new colleagues.

On Friday, June 24, 2022 at 12:45 p.m. Clemens Rohde (Professor at the Department of Material Flow Management and Resource Economics) will be interviewed by Alexandre Obertelli (Professor at the Institute of Nuclear Physics).

This format is intended for networking, getting to know each other and initiating new interdisciplinary research contacts. Please give this a try with us, join us and make the TU a little more vibrant, even under pandemic conditions! We are already looking forward to your participation next Friday, your response and feedback.

Join us for Science for Lunch this summer semester!

HERE you can sign up for your round of talks! If you don't find any available dates – please book always 2! – then leave us a message in the comments or write to: .


About the format:


… You don't have time and want to get to know your colleagues better?

… Are you interested in starting new research collaborations?

… Do you expect solutions for your research through interdisciplinary collaborations?

If you answered yes! to any of these questions or if you would just like to try out this new format, you are at the right spot. Right at our casual and easy digital Zoom format “Science for Lunch”. Since April 16, fortnightly, Fridays 12:45pm, 15 minutes at lunchtime! You are very welcome to have lunch on the side.

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