Topic: Cyberwar – Cybersecurity

The challenges of new technologies

The Internet has not only facilitated high-speed communication channels worldwide. The new technology also involves risks that create new challenges for business, politics and science and ask for answers. As a result the Internet has more and more turned into a scene of crime and warfare – data is spied out, cracked, blocked and destroyed.

In cooperation with the research group of IANUS, FiF will continue to offer a debate forum for topics defined by the terms “cyberwar” and “cybersecurity”. These topics include the offensive and defensive military dimension of information-processing technologies, technical preconditions for confidence-building and armament-related control measures, the conflict-escalating and potentially peace-endangering use of information and communication technologies on state and sub-state level (through sabotage e.g.), vulnerability and protection of critical digital infrastructure, the function of virtual networks for dealing with civil conflicts, emergency management in the event of cyber-attacks, the secure transfer of critical information between states and/or between state-owned and private institutions (whistle-blowing e.g.), the use of virtual networks for civil conflict management.

Events on the topic Cyberwar und Cybersecurity