IANUS Initiative group

At the moment there is no IANUS working group in the strict sense. Affiliates, professors, employees and students at the TU Darmstadt have thus founded an informal IANUS initiative group whose aim is to ensure the continued existence of IANUS.

Researchers and teaching staff in the IANUS context do not directly deal with scientific and engineering peace research; however they consider it important, enjoy participating in discussions and are committed to the concerns this peace research is addressing.

In line with this, the following professors initially met to participate in shaping the further development of IANUS.

Alfred Nordmann for the humanities and social sciences and Christian Reuter for the sciences and engineering have been the primary speakers since January 2018 and are supported by Markus Lederer as FIF fellow for IANUS matters. As well as an annual retreat, where the work schedule for the next 12 months is planned, various activities some of which are joint FIF activities shall be initiated.

05.12.2018 Barbara Köderitz

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Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft
Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordmann
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