FIF Commission

FiF Commission

FiF organizational structure



Prof. Dr. Christoph Glock, Dept. 1 Law and Economics
Prof. Dr. André Seyfarth, Dept. 3 Institute for Sport Science
Prof. Dr. Christina Marie Thiele, Dept. 7 Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Urban, Dept. 13 Civil and Environmental Engineering
Prof. Dr. Thomas Walther, Dept. 5 Physics
Prof. Dr. Josef Wiemeyer, Chairman, FiF Director, Dept. 3 Institute for Sport Science


Henry Krumb, Dept. 18 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
Felix Ziegler, Dept. 2 History and Social Sciences

Designated representatives:
Jan-Martin Steitz, Dept. 5 Physics
Jan Moulden, Dept. 1 Law and Economics, Dept. 2 History and Social Sciences

Scientific Research Assistant

Jens Hambach, Dept. 16 Mechanical Engineering
PD Dr. Arnulf Kletzin, Dept. 10 Biology

Adminstrative-technical Employees

Barbara Zimmer, Dept. 3 Human Sciences


Dr. Andreas Großmann, FiF
Dipl.-Soz. Heike Krebs, FiF
Dr. Christof-Matthias Neubrand, Directorate VI – Research Services & Technology Transfer, Head of National Research Funding Unit VI A

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