A forum for interested and exclusive FiF friends.

You are interested in the activities of FiF and would like to receive current information? We have prepared various options for you for this purpose.

FiF interested persons
Information on upcoming events, the call for project funds and public activities can be obtained via the FiF newsletter “FiF-Interessierte”. This is issued whenever the occasion arises. Subscription and unsubscription is possible at any time.

FiF on Instagram
General and current information about us, our events and collaborations can also be found on Instagram.

FiFCircle – exclusive insights
Furthermore we offer exclusive membership in the FiFCircle. This offers external interested parties deeper insights into the work of FiF. In addition to the information provided to FiF interested parties, we will report here on exquisite highlights from research and invite active members of the FiFCIrcle to participate in special discussion sessions. Our intention is to create a forum for selected people supporting the work of FiF in a special way. A newsletter for the members of the FiFCircle is intended to complement this forum: FiF newsletter “FiFCircle”.

Become a member of FiFCircle and support creative research at TU Darmstadt

Research is crucial for our society. The great challenges of humanity, however, demand interdisciplinary cooperation and collaboration between academic and non-academic partners. Without interdisciplinary research, there would be no medical technology and no space travel, for instance.

Founded in 2008, Forum interdisziplinäre Forschung (FiF) represents a long tradition of interdisciplinary research at TU Darmstadt. By supporting projects, we see ourselves as an incubator of creative interdisciplinary research.

The dialogue about events, public lectures and discussions inviting people to talk and think beyond the respective disciplinary limits are an essential part of this interdisciplinary culture. Innovative ways of thinking and research are desperately dependent on such exchange. Especially in the intermediate realm of disciplines, pioneering, creative and new ideas frequently open up.

Become a member of FiFCircle and support our work! In a small group you can learn about the exciting and innovative ideas that are currently being developed at FIF!

In the summer semester, we would like to invite you to the following high-quality lectures and discussion rounds:

FiF donation account

FiF is pleased to receive donations to support its work. Of course, we will issue a donation receipt for your donation. Our donation account is managed by Vereinigung der Freunde der TU Darmstadt (Association of Friends of TU Darmstadt).

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