The FiF podcast “Andreas Großmann in conversation” with Ariel Auslender, Ulrich Knaack and Samuel Schabel

BAMP! Building with paper


A FiF research project with long-term effects.

Is it possible to build houses made of paper? And how? And how in a sustainable way? A FiF research project under the leadership of Professors Ariel Auslender (Architecture), Markus Biesalski (Chemistry) and Samuel Schabel (Mechanical Engineering) carried out research on this topic from 2012-2015 as part of the interdisciplinary research funding initiative entitled “Bio-compatible paper materials – Functional, fully bio-compatible paper materials for aesthetic solutions in architecture”, which laid the foundations for new interdisciplinary collaborations at TU Darmstadt and also beyond Darmstadt.

Ariel Auslender, Ulrich Knaack and Samuel Schabel share insights behind the scenes in conversation with the FiF Podcast and contemplate the difficulties on their way to success. Moreover, they give an outlook on the dynamics that will carry this topic into the future.